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Personalized guidance - Personal life

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Delivery within one month from the date of order.*
You have many questions about your personal life and you don't know where to get clear answers: thanks to this draw dedicated to the personal plan, you can ask your questions freely and get informed advice to act wisely in your daily life. This guidance is perfect to help you determine the right actions for your life, respecting your personal needs. You will be able to focus on your essential needs at the present moment, making wise choices that will have an immediate impact on your life. Leave a comment below describing your situation, your question and what you want to get out of this draw, before placing your order.

Who our products are for: Particularly suitable for introverted people, you will receive your analyzes in digital format. Everything happens in writing! We offer benevolent support to neurodivergent people and the LGBTQ+ community.

For who? Introverts / LGBTQ+ / Neurodivergents
Payment: CB and Paypal (Payment in 4 installments available with Paypal)
Delivery: Digital file, A4 printable PDF
No refunds can be made once payment has been made!

*To book a specific delivery date, contact me using a contact form.