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Temporal Archetypes

In the previous articles, you were able to discover that divination is a tool that can serve both the conscience and an individual's self, the realization of his goals and his dreams, as well as the redefinition of his personal balance; thus it serves the evolution of humanity by allowing each individual to assert their identity and refine the authentic expression of their personal truth by allowing them to channel their energies, in the service of the life that has been offered to them . Each individual serves life in their own way, relying on their senses, feelings and vision to create a life that best meets their personal needs. 



Each individual experiences life according to a universal pattern, which is inscribed in space and time: the seasons, the cycles of the sun and the moon, birth and death defining the great borders which fascinate so much that they frighten. Your vision of life therefore depends on your awareness of the world and your potential for expansion, which can be influenced by the awareness that Humanity has constructed of its own identity. To survive, Humanity had to explore, question and design rules and tools that allowed it to go beyond its limits, to arrive at the model you are experiencing today.

This model is none other than a complex construction, resulting from the multiple experiences of our ancestors which, with each generation, have been refined to allow the survival of the species. Humanity therefore always follows the same cycles and responds to the same needs, but in a completely new way, responding to the essential needs of its time. As an oracle, practitioner and as an individual you experience these cycles and they in turn influence your practice, so it is vital to understand what purposes they serve and how best to understand them to act with discernment in your practice and your daily life.

  • Cycles of the seasons and seasons of the soul
    Each individual and each entity present on Earth responds to the cycle of the seasons, directly or indirectly each element that constitutes planet Earth functions interdependently, providing a harmonious balance to our planetary ecosystem. As a living being, you are biologically dependent on the cycles of the seasons for your food, your hormonal cycles and all your basic needs, which therefore implies that your divinatory practice is directly impacted by the cycle of the seasons, whether you are aware of it or not!

    That implies that your evolution is cyclical and that the influence of your ancestors' past experiences impact you and future generations. Your experience and your life are therefore capital elements, bringing to your lineage and to the human species unique lessons and experiences, which will nourish the collective unconscious when you die and your community during your lifetime. Your soul, your lineage and the human species therefore go through phases of evolution similar to the four seasons, which it is your oracular responsibility to identify, in order to provide your consultants and yourself with fair and reliable advice. aligned with the needs of the current season.

    In winter, you take the time to rest and to regenerate yourself, the earth does the same to prepare for the summer harvests, it is a time conducive to introspection and to questioning narrow patterns in order to start again on a healthy basis. In spring, you take the time to wake up to the new possibilities available to you, to adopt new habits and to cleanse yourself of the excesses of winter, you prepare the fields for the next harvest by planting your seeds. In summer you nourish the work done in spring, you reap the fruits of your labor, enjoy the sun and share the joy of being alive with those you love. In autumn, you take the time to take stock and prepare for the return of winter, you enjoy the last rays of the sun with calm.

    Identifying these cycles will allow you to obtain a clearer picture of the energetic movements present in your life and those of your consultants.
  • Hormonal cycles and polarities
    Your body naturally follows the cycle of the seasons, the very nature of the earth's environment has allowed the human species to adapt to the different rhythms of the sun and the moon, so as to allow it to survive optimally. As you saw previously, men and women respond to these cycles in complementary ways, allowing the human species to develop through a subtle interdependence.

    Men and women therefore respond, biologically speaking, in different ways to these cycles; each individual having their own internal cycles reacting in a unique way to the proposals of their environment: the cycles of your hormones and your sleep are therefore not only vital for your survival, but also a powerful indicator of your individual positioning in the great cycles of universal developments.

    Whether you are an oracle or a consultant, it is therefore fundamental to identify your cycles and follow their evolution, in order to identify your fundamental needs precisely and satisfy them in a sensible way. Remember that a choice at one moment will have an impact on the rest of your cycles. Demonstrating patience and discernment is often the key to your most severe concerns: choosing to observe before acting will help you avoid a large number of pitfalls!


Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a complete beginner, you may have already understood that divination is a practice that takes place over time: the analysis of future energies to know what destiny has in store for you, studying the past to heal. present ailments, develop your intuition by analyzing in depth your feelings and your daily experiences etc.

All these techniques allow you to position yourself in your life, your approach and your understanding of time and the way in which your identity fits into its field of expression and develops outside of time is the key to a total divinatory practice. , opening you to unexpected discoveries about your nature and your fundamental identity.

As with the basic approaches to divination, you will now be able to discover the different archetypes of temporal analyzes which will allow you to articulate the notions of time, deep identity and personal positioning in your life and in your divinatory practice. in depth.

  • The past and identity memory
    What we call the past represents the memory we have of events that we experienced, or that we would have liked to experience. This means that the notion of the past for your divinatory practice is a vast and unique subject for each individual: some experience an injury dating back several decades as if it had happened yesterday, still others lose memories of their life and part of their identity with. 

    What defines the notion of the past is therefore the relationship that an individual has with an experience lived or not, his emotional feelings as well as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Some memories are passed down from generation to generation through the body, leaving people who have no direct connection with these experiences confused.

    When you study the energies of the past, you are using the lens of the present moment to touch an emotional memory embedded within an individual's body, body, mind, or soul. This approach therefore makes it possible to "go back" in time to go to the source of this memory in order to cure its origin rather than the apparent symptoms.

  • The present and the experience of the moment 
    What we call the present represents all the experiences and feelings closest to the identity with which an individual likes to identify. This is why some mental illnesses and physical suffering can be so subtle to identify: even if there doesn't seem to be an immediate connection between the symptoms experienced and an individual's life experience, the suffering is there. .

    Whether or not an individual is aware of how they define themselves in their life, in their personal history and in the history of their lineage, unconscious wounds perceived as "normal" will not be treated and will impact the person's life. more or less obviously. We often talk about a family curse or transgenerational cycles

    Feelings, emotions and experiences are stored in the body, heart, soul and mind of an individual, if not treated, like a foreign body, the different layers of identity of an individual s will adapt to its presence in more or less optimal ways.

    Studying the energies of the present is therefore just as much about observing the sum of an individual's experience at a given moment, but also all the memories and legacies of that person's lineage and the way in which they fit into their life. .

  • The future and change
    What we call the future is none other than the sum of hopes, dreams and expectations that an individual wishes to embody or which they wish to consciously experience. This means that the future is as much an extension of the past as it is of the present and that it does not depend solely on the destiny assigned to the birth of an individual.
    Studying future energies is therefore not only observing the unique path of an individual which has been planned for him, it is exploring in a fluid and flexible manner all the potential destinies at his disposal, depending on the decisions taken at that time. a given moment.

    Destiny, karma and all energetic notions implying that an individual cannot act on his life are in reality the illustration of a vision of the future: if an individual does not fundamentally change the vision he has of himself, then he will always act in accordance with this identity which will inevitably lead him in the same direction.
    On the other hand, if the person becomes aware of their unconscious patterns and chooses to act actively and consciously differently, then the destiny planned for them will no longer apply and will change according to the new identity this person has chosen to embody!

You can already begin to see how the notion of time and different temporal archetypes can overlap with each other and how the way an individual defines themselves and acts in the world impacts their destiny and life in an organic way. But how do we change a person's identity so as to achieve a vision and goals more in line with their identity in order to create a harmonious life?

This is where mindfulness divination or benevolent divination comes into play. Through careful observation of an individual's emotions, behaviors and feelings in an open and curious manner, you will be able to go to the source of their personal truth to help them consciously express their deep identity , outside of any temporal influence.



    What defines an individual's identity in contemporary society is most often their name, their professional status, their family origins, their social titles, their family, their friends, their possessions and the personality they have. built over time.
    This type of identity is therefore particularly fragile to unexpected and uncontrollable life changes that we call destiny or chance, because its construction is linked only to notions of external possessions which have nothing to do with the deep truth of a person: their feelings, their passions and their way of expressing themselves and perceiving the world.

    An identity is not constructed unless it is based on ego needs; An individual's deep identity is something that cannot be changed, it is an authentic expression of natural feelings.
    The revelation of this identity and the removal of the social mask is sometimes painful. Today, many LGBTQ+ people seeking to express their deep feelings about identity face fierce resistance, because questioning an ego identity can feel like a personal attack.

    This is not the case, however, but the person who bases his identity on his ego will one day or another experience profound questions which will force him to let go of everything he took for granted in his life. This experience can resemble a death: imagine that the clothes you are currently wearing are your skin, deep inside you perceive them as your skin, it is fragile and must be protected from any shock.

    When a person expresses their truth in front of you, your "skin" takes a hit, because you sense that their clothes are not their skin, but you don't understand why or how it works, so you seek to protect your skin because it pulls on your ego and makes you bleed.

    When you are suffering and you don't understand why, when your life is falling apart before your eyes, when you feel like you are losing control, it is an important moment in your life, the moment when your vision of your identity, of your egoistic skin, of your social mask is called into question in order to allow you to identify who you really are under the layers of conditioning.

    Now imagine that you want to remove this skin like a piece of clothing, if you are deeply aware that your skin is in reality a piece of clothing, you will be able to remove it without problem, if this is not the case, you will feel like you are being skinned. lively! This is why it is essential to take your time in the process of becoming aware of your deep identity, otherwise you risk hurting yourself.



    An individual's deep identity could be described as their essence, their personal truth, the timeless being which, regardless of circumstances, incarnations or conditions cannot be changed. It is the core that allows the individual to understand the world around them and adapt to their environment without being impacted at the fundamental level. Some would call it soul, but I think soul is a particular expression of it. To recognize and embody your deep identity, you will need to take the time to know yourself.

    Life and its multiple experiences are there to allow you to come into contact with your essential being and to identify through your feelings, your behaviors, your thoughts and your natural abilities how it is expressed through through you in this life. Your deep identity is therefore not a person that you must embody to be yourself, it is a state of mind, a state of being and a relationship with the world which allows you to see beyond appearances and to call upon your original creative abilities to create a life that deeply resembles you.

    In a way, you already experience this presence in your life, you are just not aware of it. By using symbolic language and divination, you allow yourself to come into contact with that part of you that is just waiting for your green light to actively participate in the creation of your life.
    This part allows you to connect in a spiritual and energetic way to life, child of the divine, you will be able to connect to the Source of creation through it and channel your fundamental energies to express your divine truth on Earth.


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    NOTE: This vision of divination was developed after years of research and personal reflection on this subject, it in no way seeks to replace established concepts, but rather to open up reflection and discussion; If you have any thoughts on this, leave a comment below or use a contact form.