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Oracle identity

Divination is a practical and subtle tool, which will allow you to intuitively explore the unknown and the mysteries of the Universe one day at a time, through your personal experience of life.
Your life is therefore the medium that allows you to become aware of and explore the mysteries of the Universe, through your senses and your experiences, in an organic way. This unique perspective of yours is therefore valuable and greatly needed.
If your identity is a door to the infinite beauty of the Universe, it is important to define and observe the fundamental notions that allow you, and by extension each individual, to become aware of their value.


What we call energies can take different definitions depending on different disciplines; all these approaches, whether physical, biological or esoteric, generally come together on one point, energy is a force which transmits information in the service of the preservation and expansion of different life processes.

What divination studies is the spiritual relationship linking what we call physical, material life to microscopic or macroscopic movements of life, linked in a sensitive manner to each other.

In a scientific way, life has been defined based on observable and quantifiable data which made it possible to determine its basic functions. The study of planetary and bodily energy movements or the divinatory reading of temporal energies, are therefore first and foremost a study of our understanding of the world and our intrinsic identity as a living being, recognizing ourselves as an integral part of the great Whole in which it evolves.



At the fundamental level, we like to give these energies a direction, a meaning to its expression which we call polarity: at the scientific level we speak of positive and negative polarities, at the biological level we speak of feminine and masculine genders, at the esoteric level we speak of sun and moon etc. All the learning and material creations of our civilizations are based on an observation of elements which nourish our understanding of the great principles of life, both at the scientific, spiritual or artistic level, etc. The notion of polarity gives us a solid working base on which we will be able to develop our thinking, study the world and pose hypotheses that will allow us to grow in wisdom on multiple levels.


At the divinatory level, the energies that you are going to study are already based on these major principles: whether you are a man or a woman, you are already facing these notions regularly. Your worldview is therefore your starting point. If you want to improve your life, gain self-confidence, create a project that is close to your heart or simply manage to find peace and serenity, your starting point is yourself!

Everything that matters to you, your needs, your dreams, your hopes, all of this has been created by your experience of life and your awareness of your identity. How you define yourself as an individual says a lot about you and the way you think, your values and the way you connect to the world. Therein lies your true power, in your ability to define your reality through your awareness of your identity.




Let us now return to the notion of polarity, the one on which science and spirituality rely to define our human experience: the notions of feminine and masculine. At the biological level, we like to define children at birth according to the biological development of their reproductive system.

We often associate this notion of gender with the feminine and masculine polarities; on a spiritual level however, the definition of feminine and masculine is not biological, it therefore allows each individual to identify with the energies of their choice, according to the qualities which define them. Today many people define themselves as non-binary, their gender identity not necessarily linked to their biological gender, we are seeing the emergence of the notion of gender polarity on an emotional level, an expression of the water element!

Your relationship to your identity is therefore fundamental in your experience of life and in your divinatory practice. At the biological level, female polarities follow monthly cycles requiring them to perform certain actions, while male polarities follow seasonal cycles responding to other needs; both also fit into the daily day and night rhythms regulating their hormones. This means that their relationship with life focuses in a complementary way on the same fundamental questions: fertility, survival, food, protection, etc. Each polarity working in the service of each other, for the greater well-being of everyone.



Each individual therefore has a function within creation, some think that their gender identity makes them superior to others or that their function is more important than that of others, however by observing the cycles and organic relationships of the entities composing this Universe , we realize that each being has a precise function and that comparison no longer has to be made when everyone is aware of their value in the great Universal order.

Your gender or gender identity therefore does not make you superior or inferior to others, however it predisposes you to certain actions and to certain rhythms. Observing this rhythm and welcoming it with respect is therefore the first creative act you can do in your life.

As an oracle and as a living being, you have the ability to connect to the subtle energies of the Universe. By attuning to your personal cycles, seasonal cycles or the more subtle cycles of the moon, you will be able to embody your core function with fluidity, allowing life energy to pass through you, inspiring you with innovative creative actions serving the greater good of everyone!


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NOTE: This vision of divination was developed after years of research and personal reflection on this subject, it in no way seeks to replace established concepts, but rather to open up reflection and discussion; If you have any thoughts on this, leave a comment below or use a contact form.