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Basic approaches

The source of contemporary divinatory practices goes back to time immemorial, when fundamental questions concerning life, death, love and destiny were already being asked. As we enter a new era, we face new challenges, both individually and globally.

New challenges presenting themselves to us, accompanied by more or less comfortable questions concerning our lifestyles, our fundamental needs, our identity and our relationship to the world.

If Humanity has always sought to deepen its knowledge and skills, its objective was to guarantee the survival of our species in the long term. Divination has been and still remains today one of the tools that allow us to connect to the energies of our time, to act wisely in our lives and guarantee a fluid evolution of the collective, one individual at a time. 




During its quest for knowledge, Humanity encountered many more or less bloody lessons, which allowed it to become aware of the crucial issues underlying the survival of the species, but also the responsibilities of each individual within of the group.

The divinatory arts are first and foremost tools that allow us to expand an individual's vision, by providing them with a playing field on which to ask all their questions, from the most terrible to the wisest, thus accessing a wisdom before experiencing it in your life.

Divination therefore serves as a medium of communication between the visible and the invisible, allowing the practitioner to evolve their understanding of the world and the laws that govern it, through a careful study of the subtle movements of the primordial energies at the origin of its creation. .



Life sometimes has a funny way of taking us where we need to go to grow in wisdom; some are led to start a family while others find themselves alone, some despairing of their fate while others find a stable rock that allows them to express their full potential. When we are led to practice divination, it is often because of a difficult life test which makes us understand that our existence is governed by unknown forces, over which we have no control.

Wherever you are in your oracle journey, know that the use of divination and different divinatory techniques can be approached in different ways, in order to best serve your life goals at the present moment, your personal evolution over the long term and your unique relationship in the world. You can choose the approach that works for you in the present moment, while developing others as you wish.

    The rarest technique is to use divination to heal past ailments that are causing you harm in the present moment and of which you may not be aware. Very subtle, this practice requires a certain balance from the practitioner, in order to wisely approach the information provided by the cards.
    This approach to divination will make you work on the relationship between your past life and your present, in order to understand how your experiences, your feelings and your needs impact your life. By learning to reconnect with your essential being, you will be able to discover how to truly take care of yourself, in a way that respects your fundamental nature, in order to escape judgment and shame, to find your light.

      The most well-known approach to divination involves reading the future in a way that prevents possible suffering and creates lasting abundance. This practice is based on a study of the energies connecting your present life to your future life, to help you determine the energetic terrain with which to work to realize your dreams.
      This technique can be particularly effective if you choose to refocus the analysis of future energies as a tool that should allow the consultant to take responsibility for the present moment, to use their free will and to become aware of their personal power, in order to assert one's own identity. 
        The second best-known approach consists of analyzing energies to identify the imbalances that are causing you harm in your daily life, so as to find a feeling of calm and peace in your heart.
        This approach can just as easily make you work with the energies of the present moment, as well as the past and the future, to allow you to become aware of your essential needs and how they evolve over time through your emotions. , your feelings, your ways of thinking, your beliefs and your needs. 

        The third approach consists of using divination as a tool of introspection, particularly effective for meditating on complex notions, becoming aware of your deep identity and affirming your authenticity by questioning preconceived thought patterns, limiting habits or unconscious conditioning. .
        This approach makes you work with the energies of the present moment, focusing your attention on the careful and curious observation of your feelings and behaviors, in order to help you identify the authentic expression of your essential being.


      Now that you are aware of the different approaches available for your learning, you will be able to begin practicing divination in a more intentional way. Little by little, you will realize that the phrasing of your questions, the way you perceive the world and the way you define yourself as an individual greatly influences your personal analyzes and practice in an organic way.

      The approaches presented in this article will be the subject of articles and courses, allowing you to better understand how to integrate them into your practice, how to use them wisely and how to develop your own techniques according to your personal evolution, your deep needs and your intuition!

      In a continuation of article, I would suggest that you define your oracular identity, your style and your voice, relying on your personal qualities and your natural talents to create a practice that resembles you and serves your evolution in the present moment. As in any form of learning, I would offer you different tools and archetypes from which you will be able to draw to define your oracular identity and thus fluidify your learning, by relying on your natural qualities and talents.

      • In the second article, I will discuss the different styles and archetypes of oracles that you can embody according to your personal qualities and interests, you will be able to choose your approach to analysis and interpretation of oracles based on your fundamental identity: writer, artist, scholar or medium.

      • In the third article, I would invite you to discover the relationship between your gender identity (biological and personal) and your fundamental energies through the feminine and masculine polarities. How your cycles impact the way you draw cards, position yourself in the world and express your full potential beyond appearances.

      • In the fourth article, I will take stock of the notions of time, cycle and rhythm in order to help you identify how your personal energies and your vision of time allow you to place your divinatory practice more precisely in a work of consciousness expansion, by redefining the conscious and unconscious boundaries of your truth-reality.


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      NOTE: This vision of divination was developed after years of research and personal reflection on this subject, it in no way seeks to replace established concepts, but rather to open up reflection and discussion; If you have any thoughts on this, leave a comment below or use a contact form.